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The Modern Home and Outdoor Living

As we run towards spring with arms wide open, we remember the warmth of the sun on our faces. We remember the BBQs and the parties with family and friends. And we remember our backyard! We live in a time where experience is highly prized and our homes are places…

5 Signs You Should Invest in New Outdoor Furniture

We’ve all been there. The weather starts to get nice, we plan a dinner party, baby shower, wine & cheese night and then you look outside at your patio furniture and it hits you. I NEED NEW OUTDOOR FURNITURE!

No Deed Goes Unnoticed.

I recently got word of a project that has been going on for close to a year and a half in our facility that not many people knew about it. I want to shine some light on this special venture and give credit to all of those involved.

A Day in Life – Events & Trade Shows

I started with C.R. Plastics in April 2016 in a new position to the company that was flexible to mold into a couple different areas. But the main priority of course, was to help coordinate their 17+ tradeshows/markets they participate in annually. Events and Trade Shows are all about getting…

Get to Know Our Employees and Their Favourite Products

It’s February and if you’re like me you are already planning your patio furniture purchases for Spring. For many of us, February is the start of the countdown to that much needed warmer weather and those wonderful summer months where we soak up every moment of sunshine and relish every warm…