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Work Hard, Play Hard

January 19, 2017

All work and no play, that’s no way to go about your day!

Sitting at a computer all day staring at a screen, or standing at a machine pressing the same button day in and day out can really put you in a rut. Especially if you are a social butterfly (like me)!

Why not spice up the office and have a little fun. Putting together a company social committee is a great way to do that!


Social Committee’s are run by employees, for employees. They help build moral, let’s employees feel they have a voice in the company and creates team spirit.

I recently joined CRP’s social committee and now am one of the Co-Chairs of the group. It all started by putting up a sign up sheet asking if people wanted to join, and you wouldn’t believe the number of people that wanted to be involved. Our committee has 10 people and counting and we meet on a monthly basis (after work hours). This is a nice size group as you get all kinds of ideas & different point of views.

When coming up with ideas for social events, it is always a great thought to put a suggestion box out in the office. This way people that might not have time to be a member of the committee, still can contribute. The more inspiration the better!

Our first event we put together was “The Ugly Sweater Christmas Potluck”. Everyone loves a good old ugly sweater party around Christmas, so why not throw in some delicious food while we’re at it! The event was a great success and it was something all employees could participate in, no matter their shift.


Being surrounded by bright, fun furniture all day makes you want to get up and do something just as fun! But there’s no fun with out funds. Trying to come up with a revenue stream to fund your group is another hurtle your committee must conquer.


Since our committee is full of brilliant people, a very talented artisan in the group graciously offered to donate some of the money he makes from employee sales, to the committee! A dollar from every pepper jelly jar he sells to employees, is put right back to them through our events; how great is that! (And look how good these jellies look; put them on crackers, cheese, meat, yum!)


Don’t forget your social committee isn’t confined to its work walls either! It is always great if you can get out into the local community and do some good as a group. Not to mention it is great PR for your company as well. Non-for-profit organizations have gotten quite creative with their type of fundraisers over the years. Your options for fun events, that also raise money for great causes, are endless!

In conjunction with our Ugly Sweater Christmas Potluck, we also collected food donations for the local food banks in the area. Small things like this really do make a difference and it is at little to no effort. People are always willing to give around the holidays.


I hope this post has sparked some creative juices & made you want to get up and have some fun in the workplace! Even if you don’t have enough people in your company to have a full committee, it doesn’t hurt to ask others in the office if they want to have a potluck one day or all go in on pizza. (I feel food is really the way to anyone’s heart!).

Thank you for reading my very first Blog post; it has been a blast to write!


Dana Holman