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A Day in Life – Events & Trade Shows

March 15, 2017

I started with C.R. Plastics in April 2016 in a new position to the company that was flexible to mold into a couple different areas. But the main priority of course, was to help coordinate their 17+ tradeshows/markets they participate in annually.

Events and Trade Shows are all about getting out into the field and mingling with fellow industry professionals and getting your product known. It is a fun, exciting, ever-changing field of work and that’s why I love it so much!

A few weeks out of the year you may be lucky enough to go to one of these shows in which you have been planning! This is when it all pays off and you get to see your vision come to life!

January was a busy month for us for shows as it kicks off the year! I was sent down to Las Vegas to work the Las Vegas Market, which is a 5-day event. It was unusually cold & rainy for their January and no matter which cab you got into, they had to point out there was snow on the mountains.

The booth set up went well and the product looked great. We had a nice assortment of colour which everyone seemed to love at this show in particular, as it draws a lot of international buyers.

I was especially excited to set up our booth for this show as we were going to try one of our new fabrics on a frame colour we have not done before. We paired the Frequency Parchment deep seating fabric with the Stratford Chocolate frame; the result was a warm cottagey feel with a resemblance of Birch wood through the fabric pattern. Buyers really took to the collection.


It was even featured in a promotional video for one of the outdoor industry magazines’ (Casual Living).

If you have ever worked a tradeshow you know they are long hours, but one of the greatest parts of your busy day is seeing those familiar faces you recognize from each show. Whether it is customers of yours, fellow vendors, or media contacts building those professional relationships is so important & helps gets you through the day.  (And maybe a celebrity or two)

(Donny Osmond & I at the High Point Market, Oct 2016)

And if you get some time to yourself at night soak up as much as the culture as you can! Vegas is great for shows, nightlife and food!

This January we also displayed our furniture at the Atlanta Gift Show where we have a permanent showroom. Other colleagues of mine attended the show and sent back photos.

Look at this lovely shot of our Stratford Collection we had on display. It was a show stopper with the Integrated Steel cushions on the bright white Stratford frame. The fabric just popped & shimmered under the lights. If you want to catch some eyes this is the way to go.

Shows are a great way to get a feel for the market and to spot industry trends for the coming season. It is crucial to walk around the show and do you market research.

While roaming the halls of the Atlanta Market one of our employees spotted this amazing puzzle with a line of our chairs as the picture! It is now in our lunch room as a pass time for employees to pick away at; you never know what you are going to find!

I am very happy to be in this line of work and with a great company. I am also glad to have a chance to engage with our consumers one-on-one at shows & through writing these blogs!

Dana Holman