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5 Signs You Should Invest in New Outdoor Furniture

May 31, 2017

We’ve all been there. The weather starts to get nice, we plan a dinner party, baby shower, wine & cheese night and then you look outside at your patio furniture and it hits you. I NEED NEW OUTDOOR FURNITURE!

Whether it be that your outdoor furniture has rusted, split, chipped or just fallen apart there’s no better time than the Spring to upgrade your outdoor space. Consider the following as 5 signs that it may be time to invest in something new (and dare I say made of recycled plastics) for your outdoor space.

1. Your chairs are rusted and looking a little crusted

One of the downfalls of owning aluminum or metal furniture is the fact that over time these types of materials will rust and chip. While metals have a reputation for durability, the finish will eventually deteriorate in the outdoor’ s harsh elements.

One of the greatest features of recycled plastic outdoor furniture is that the material will never rust, rot, split or crack. We even have a lifetime warranty on structure for all of our furniture. The amazing durability and water resistant material will maintain its form in all weather conditions.


2. You are painting your outdoor furniture every season

Was putting a coat of paint or varnish on your outdoor furniture on your list of fun things to do this season when at your cottage or summer home? I didn’t think so. The unfortunate part about wooden outdoor furniture is the constant upkeep and maintenance involved. In order to keep your wooden furniture looking good and protecting it from the elements, a coat or two of paint or varnish is necessary.

Want to avoid this step altogether? Buying recycled plastic outdoor furniture eliminates the need for painting and staining. Another great feature of recycled plastic furniture is that it will never chip. All of our recycled plastic lumber is 7/8” thick with the same warmth and grain finish as wood but with vastly superior qualities.

The only maintenance required is simply hosing it off every season and wiping it down with a cloth. Keep your Summer priorities straight and enjoy those dock parties, sunset dinners and mid-day mimosas.

3. Comfort is King 

One of the most important signs that you need new outdoor furniture is if you hate sitting in it. Your outdoor space should above all be comfortable. If your outdoor furniture isn’t lulling you to sleep in the Summer sun then something’s wrong.

We pride ourselves in putting comfort first in all of our recycled plastic pieces. We engineer all of our chair seats with the ultimate “landing zone” between the chair seat and the back panels so you can sit back and relax when enjoying your outdoor space.

4. Not Enough Seating

The outdoor space is meant for relaxing and entertaining. One of the most popular uses for an outdoor space is for dining but who wants a table for just one? An outdoor dining space is crucial to enjoying those memorable moments outdoors.

If your outdoor furniture isn’t providing enough seating for your family and your guests it’s time to upgrade! You can keep it traditional with a 6-8 person dining set or infuse some casual fun into your outdoor space with a pub set.

5. Winter Woes

If you are lugging your outdoor furniture in your shed or garage every Winter or even worse any time it rains or is windy then it’s time to invest in new outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture should be worry and maintenance-free and recycled plastic furniture is just that. You can leave our furniture outside all year long regardless of rain, wind or snow. All of our furniture is very heavy (an Adirondack Chair weights 60lbs) so you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing it off your dock or porch.

Your outdoor space should be your own personal haven and a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy your friends and family. How you furnish this space is a huge part of that!

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