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Creating a Brighter Landscape for our Future

April 2, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times.

And while the severity of the pandemic at hand can overwhelm us, the grace that follows is equally overwhelming.

In a short span of three months, our humanity has linked us together and resurfaced the important things in our lives. To each a little different, but all similar in resemblance.

As we take in the world around us and consider what life may look like in the coming months (and years), one thing is for certain: the way we live, consume, interact, value, and plan will undoubtedly shift… in a sustainable direction.

Today, we’re excited to dive into a three-part Sustainability Series, focusing on our shifting landscape and the world around us.

What does it take to truly create a brighter landscape for our future?

  • A broadened sense of what we actually need

If this season has taught us anything, it’s that we can shorten our list of necessities. As we hone in on the important things (wholesome food, home, quality time spent), our understanding of essentials is sharpened.

  • A focus on quality over quantity

If we want to create a better landscape for future generations, we’ll need to align our purchasing habits with meaningful things over quick buys.

In the words of sustainability activist, Bandana Tewari:

Sustainability will now be an act of conscious living, whereby we acknowledge that “more and more,” “faster, not fewer,” and “bigger is better” will not sustain us anymore.

  • Investing in sustainable solutions at home

Moving forward, we have a choice to craft a sustainable world with our individual choices at the day-to-day level.

Simple sustainable swaps will play a huge role in the world’s overall impact.

Consider these easy sustainable swaps in your own home:

  • Swapping out harsh cleaning products with greener solutions
  • Using reusable bags and containers over one-use plastics
  • Implementing recycled furniture in your home and outdoor living space

So where do we start?

Creating a brighter landscape for our future starts now.

With each choice that we make, whether it’s choosing household items or how we spend our time, intentionality is key.

Our individual choices collectively come together and can sew positive outcomes for future generations and our planet Earth.

In this season of newness, we have the unique opportunity to band together and craft the world we want to see.

Let’s start with one sustainable choice today.

Chelsea Stern