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At-home, Everyday Sustainability

April 30, 2020

As you’re navigating your new normal during this season, you may be thinking about what that means for your household. How are you spending your time now? What products are you using? What foods are you cooking with? What items are you investing in? What changes are you making to your everyday living?

After recently celebrating Earth Day, many of us are considering how we can become more sustainable in our everyday living. Our staff at C.R. Plastics has discovered a few easy at-home sustainability swaps that you’ll definitely want to incorporate into your daily routines!

Check out our favorite sustainability swaps below!

  • Beeswax Reusable Wraps

These pliable covers can seamlessly replace one-use plastic baggies. They easily fold up around foods and bowls! They’re as easy to clean as they are to use: simply rinse clean with cold water and mild soap. You can reuse them time and time again!

Composite: superbee beeswax wraps
  • Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are perfect for keeping your laundry soft and chemical-free! 100% wool dryer balls increase fluffiness and reduce static as your dryer loads tumble. Dryer balls help to soften clothes naturally and are made from a renewable energy resource!

  • Shampoo Bars

While eliminating the plastic shampoo bottle waste, shampoo bars are also free of the chemicals found in traditional shampoos. How is this possible? Many shampoo bars are free of unwanted additives, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. Because of their low-lather effect, shampoo bars leave hair feeling clean without drying it out!

  • Recycled Plastic Furniture

Did you know that each C.R. Plastics adirondack chair is made from 579 milk jugs? Choosing furniture that diverts millions of pounds of plastic from our lakes, rivers, and oceans is a huge way to create a sustainable impact in your own home! Never forfeiting style or comfort, choose furniture that is made from recycled waste, provides years of comfort, and helps create a beautiful space!

Together We Can

Start your week with one of our favorite sustainability swaps above! If each of us takes just one step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we can truly make a positive impact in our community, environment, and planet!

Chelsea Stern