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Why We Love It

crp plastic reviews crp plastic reviews crp plastic reviews

"Who needs a cottage when you have Muskoka right in your backyard?! Love my CRP furniture!"

- Becky Smith

crp plastic reviews

"As you can see, the setting we have for these fabulous yellow chairs is just spectacular! Our island cottage on the Maine coast is the most beautiful spot we can imagine. I am so happy we chose your product to make this spot the most carefree and comfortable, we even installed the cup holders! But the best part of our decision, was that we feel proud that our chairs were made from 579 recycled milk jugs . . . we tell everyone that visits!"

Donna Leone

crp plastic reviews crp plactic reviews

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE your chairs! I wanted all "taupe / grey" but my husband insisted on as many colours as possible. Glad I went with his idea. Memories of sitting on our dock after a very busy summer day with our tourism company and we are beat. We so enjoy the view, which is even better sitting on the chairs. I like to sit in the colour that best suits what I am wearing - matchy matchy! They are "fun" chairs and make us happy. Oh and even with a huge westerly wind in THE biggest storm coming right at us from across the bay since we bought the chairs, only 2 went in the water…and they float! Imagine that surprise!"

- Lorelie Gordon

crp plastic reviews crp plastic reviews crp plastic reviews

"Feeling very blessed to be able share such wonderful moments around our CR Plastics dining table. We love how easy it is to clean before and after our meals. We know firsthand that the furniture can withstand 4 seasons as well as an active toddler. What’s not to love about CR Plastics?!?! Thank you CR Plastics for making products that we will continue to make beautiful memories around in the years to come."

- Jamie Lewis

crp plastic reviews crp plactic reviews

(Left) "I'm a proud owner of your products for more than 6 years . . . It was the best investment! I don’t have a big backyard by any means, but the chairs and tables make for a great spot to relax, BBQ and soak up the sun. The chairs and foot rest are very comfortable and super durable. I love that I don’t have to bring them in during the winter and they withstand the elements . . . just a quick hose off in the spring and they’re good to go. I would definitely recommend this company to all my friends, and my parents and brother both purchased chairs from CR Plastics after they saw mine. The best part is its a local Canadian hard-working company!"

- Jen McFadden

(Right) "Martini's & snowball fights. We enjoy our CR Plastic furniture all year long because it's durable and beautiful. Canadian made, made Canadian tough. Eco-friendly"

- Dawn Whitfield

crp plastic reviews

"In the summer months, it's wonderful to look for our "dock of many colours" from across the lake as we return from a day of boating. Year-round, these chairs provide relaxing, beautiful comfort and eye pleasing fun. Wonderful product... love them!"

Cindy Hottot

crp plastic reviews crp plactic reviews

"We absolutely love our CRP patio furniture! We wanted something that would be comfortable and low maintenance. It was a complete bonus that all your furniture is made from recycled bottles and locally in Ontario and that we don’t have to worry about storing the furniture away during our Canadian winters."

- Cynthia Chow

crp plastic reviews crp plactic reviews crp plactic reviews

"We love your products because they are great for entertaining comfortably all year long!"

- Sarah J. Draper