About Us

About CR Plastics

C.R. Plastics is a Canadian, family-owned and operated company that has been in business since 1994. We have a unique perspective on outdoor furniture and the circular economy.

We’re creating a safe and healthy environment for future generations, and our impact goes further than that. We’re setting the example and leading the charge on sustainability in outdoor furniture.

Our Values


Mindfully made + ethically produced. Our vertically integrated company grinds, melts, and extrudes all our lumber in-house. Made from 100% recycled plastic. Manufactured domestically.


Premium furniture made for life at home. Designed with durability in mind, our 7/8” thick lumber + UV-stabilized pigment lasts for generations.


Beautiful outdoor furniture designed for everyday life. For almost 30 years, we have been industry leaders in well-designed + thoughtfully engineered outdoor furniture.

Our Furniture

Contoured Seat

We’ve engineered the ultimate landing zone between the chair seat and back, creating the best seat in the house.

Superior Fit & Finish

Our recycled lumber components, custom molded arms, and molded radius seat slats give our products the best fit and finish in the market.

Industry Leaders

Proud manufacturers of recycled plastic for over 25 years. As the leaders in new product development, our full product line has over 100 products to choose from, including 17 designer frame colors.

North-American Made

We employ over 200 people from our community in our vertically integrated 300,000 square feet facility. We’re proud that all our products are made in North America with the highest level of quality.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Who needs a cottage when you have Muskoka right in your backyard?! Love my CRP furniture!”

– Becky Smith

“As you can see, the setting we have for these fabulous yellow chairs is just spectacular! Our island cottage on the Maine coast is the most beautiful spot we can imagine. I am so happy we chose your product to make this spot the most carefree and comfortable, we even installed the cup holders! But the best part of our decision, was that we feel proud that our chairs were made from 579 recycled milk jugs . . . we tell everyone that visits!”

– Donna Leone

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE your chairs! I wanted all “taupe / grey” but my husband insisted on as many colours as possible. Glad I went with his idea. Memories of sitting on our dock after a very busy summer day with our tourism company and we are beat. We so enjoy the view, which is even better sitting on the chairs. I like to sit in the colour that best suits what I am wearing – matchy matchy! They are “fun” chairs and make us happy. Oh and even with a huge westerly wind in THE biggest storm coming right at us from across the bay since we bought the chairs, only 2 went in the water…and they float! Imagine that surprise!”

– Lorelie Gordon